Rape and/or sexual assault generally refers to any involuntary sexual act in which a person is threatened, coerced or forced to engage against her or his will. The Commission seeks to alleviate the impact of rape and sexual assault on Arkansans becoming involved in improving public policy, distributing funds to rape prevention programs providing prevention services, training on rape and sexual assault issues and conducting other community projects. The following is a summary of our activities:

Rape Prevention Grant

In 2007, the Arkansas Sexual Violence Primary Prevention Comprehensive Planning Team was formed by the Arkansas Commission on Child Abuse, Rape and Domestic Violence and the Arkansas Department of Health through the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Injury Prevention’s Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) Cooperative Agreement. The planning team conducted a comprehensive assessment of sexual violence prevention efforts in the state to articulate a vision and broad goals for Rape Prevention in Arkansas. The result of this extensive process is an eight year plan that addresses societal and community levels of the social ecological model through strategies that have demonstrated the potential ability to prevent first-time perpetration and victimization. To read the Executive Summary, please click here.

Each year the Centers for Disease Control provides funds to states for Rape Prevention Activities. In Arkansas, those funds total approximately $300,000 and provide support to rape prevention programs around the state. Click here to see the list. For more information about the Rape Prevention Grant, please click here.

Sexual Assault Protocol Manual and Video

The Commission also distributes a protocol manual and video related to forensic gathering of evidence after a sexual assault has occurred. Should your medical facility wish to receive a free copy, please email our project coordinator at mailto:mgrant@uams.edu or view manual at: Sexual Assault Manual 2018

Sexual Assault Protocol Flowchart

Fact Sheet about Sexual Assault in Arkansas

Community Organizations that Assist Rape Victims

*Arkansas Statutory References to Sexual Assault

Curricula List