Meeting Minutes



October 21, 2015


Meeting called to order: 1:30 p.m.

Members Present:  Dr. Merlin Leach, Lisa Channell, Cecile Blucker, Lott Rolfe IV, Kristin Pawlik, Christi McQueen, Dorinda Edmisten, Robert Parker, Annette Watson, Diane Bryant, Larry Combs, Eddie Schmeckenbecher, Dr. Suzanne Jessup, Susan Waggener, Toss Worthington

Members Absent: Dr. Patricia Scott, Dr. Karen Farst, Judge Vicki Cook, Judge David Reynolds,  Dr. Sondra Bedwell, Gracie Giles Gonner, Stacey McKeown, Carol Maxwell, Debbie Roark, Charles Ellis, Dr. Karen Worley 

Guest:  Courtney Massey

Others Present:  Max Snowden, Candy Garland, Stasia Burk McDonald, Michelle Cline, Sara Rudolph-Pollard, Sherry Williamson, Gwen Johnson (ACCARDV)

Call to Order:  Dr. Merlin Leach

The meeting was held in the Freeway Medical Building @ 5800 West 10th Street, Little Rock, Arkansas, Suite 902.

  • Leach read proxies: Dr. Karen Farst designated Lisa Channell, Carol F. Maxwell designated Kristin Pawlik, Gracie Giles Gonner designated Dorinda Edmisten, Charles Ellis designated Robert Parker, Dr. Patricia Scott designated Dr. Suzanne Jessup, Dr. Karen Worley designated Christi McQueen and Debbie Roark designated Cecile Blucker

Review of Minutes of Last Meeting – motion was granted to approve minutes; Kristin Pawlik, seconded.

  • Max Snowden – As of today, no correspondence with the governor’s office, in regard to appointments or reappointments.
  • Child Abuse Project Report – Sherry Williamson

Provided summary for training and activities for 2 quarters, April 1st – September 30th, 2015. Conducted 8 in person trainings. During the 6 months, over 4000 participated in the Arkansas Mandated Reporter online training and there were over 1500 licensed educators who participated in the Arkansas IDEAS Educator Training.  Meetings attended: Children’s Justice Act (CJA) Infant and Child Death Review (ICDR), Arkansas Child Death Review Panel, Child Abuse Committee meeting,  Children and Youth Legislative Committee, Pulaski County ICDR Meeting, and Arkansas Child Abuse Conference. Sherry was reappointed to the Child Abuse Prevention Task Force. Overall, trainings went well.

Entertained any questions that followed.  

  • Rape Project Report – Michelle Cline

Provided summary of rape prevention education: educational seminars (700), over 3000 participants, professional trainings (18), over 400 participants. Programs are doing very well. Attended 3 site visits: DeQueen, Fort Smith and Fayetteville. All are doing well. Application for the state’s Rape Preventive Education (RPE) grant along with the annual report is due on October 23rd. The Preventive Health Block Grant began on October 1st. Arkansas Department of Health Site visit held October 9th The visit went well; great feedback. Suggested implementing brochures online, electronically.

Entertained any questions that followed.

  • Domestic Violence – Sara Rudolph-Pollard

Note: October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month!

Provided a brief summary of training and meetings conducted and attended:

Hoover Treatment Center Domestic Violence (99) participants. Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) Technical Assistance Training (11) participants. Arkansas Home Visiting Network Conference (41) participants. LEAP summit: leadership program for women of color; completed September, 2015. Program was productive and went well. Attended HR Management 101: Domestic Violence @ UAMS. Program went well; requested more training. Conference call with Dr. Neil Websdale – National Domestic Violence Fatality Review Initiative; advantages to Arkansas if team is formed.

On-going meetings: Pulaski County Disabilities and Violence Collaborative Meeting, Veterans Hospital Domestic Violence Committee, Crime Victims Assistance Assoc. of Arkansas (CVAAA)

Information provided on Social Services Block Grant Funding (SSBG). There are 5 regions with funding for two shelters per region, for a total of 10 shelters funded. Domestic Peace Fund: Everyone was in compliance and awarded. Dr. Merlin Leach requested a motion to grant funding for Social Services Block Grant Funding (SSBG); so moved and the motion was seconded and passed.

Entertained any questions that followed.

  • MDT Project – Stasia Burk McDonald

Currently, working with the Prosecutor Coordinator’s office on criminal tracking information in regard to child abuse.  Will present the information in a user-friendly format. Provided county updates. Stasia had been filling in for a few counties. Currently, Marion County MDT has been trained and is meeting regularly. Michelle Tippitt has been hired as the MDT Coordinator for Phillips County. Her responsibilities will also include coordinating St. Francis County and possibly, Monroe County. Liz Wagner has been appointed as Poinsett County MDT Coordinator. Kristy Nichols is the new Fulton County MDT Coordinator. Attended the National Children’s Alliance Leadership Training from June 1st –June 4th, 2015 in Washington, D.C. Also, attended the SUIDI training for Crimes Against Children Investigators on October 14th, 2015. Found trainings to be very informative and beneficial. Provided a brief summary on death assessments.

Entertained any questions that followed.

  • CAC Project – Mr. Max Snowden

Provided a brief summary of child death assessments. Progress is being made. There are 14 childen safety centers and 3 satellite centers. Over a $1 million is provided each year to the centers. Good progress is being made with the centers. Dr. Merlin Leach requested a motion to grant funding for CAC; so moved and the motion was seconded and passed.

  • Financial Report – Mr. Candy Garland

Arkansas Commission on Child Abuse, Rape and Domestic Violence

Financial Update

Funding listed below reflects financial activity since the April 15, 2015 meeting:


2014 -2015   DIVISION ON AGING GRANT                           STATE DHS

    Since July 1, 2014 ACCARDV dispensed a total of $144,959 to 10 domestic violence shelters funded by the Commission to provide client services.



Since July 1, 2014 we distributed a total of $581,250 to 31 domestic violence shelters across the state. Each shelter received a total of $18,750.


2015-2016    DOMESTIC PEACE FUND                                   


Since July 1, 2015 we have distributed a total of $290,625 to 31 domestic violence shelters. Each shelter received a total of $9,375, with two additional payments remaining  in January and April 2016. Total payout to shelters is estimated at

$581,250.  Note:   Bail Bond funding ($161,341.58) is down $69,807.21 from previous year.

2015-2016    CHILD SAFETY CENTER                                   


Beginning in July 2015 ACCARDV made payments totaling $870,000 to 14 Children’s Advocacy  Centers (CACs) across the state (see attachment). CACs received payments ranging from $60,000 to $65,000.  In Aug 2015 ACCARDV began making payments totaling $120,000 to our CAC satellite offices. These CAC satellite programs received payments of $40,000 each. A total of $990,000.00 has been spent so far this fiscal year to support our Children’s Advocacy Centers in the state. Funding was taken from the Children’s Safety Center State Appropriation as well as the 2009 Tobacco Tax Appropriation.


2015 -2017   CHILDREN’S JUSTICE ACT GRANT         


On September 10, 2015 ACCARDV received notice of award for $185,267, for our 2015-2017 CJA Grant. Funds will be used to provide additional training to help professionals on recognizing and reporting of child maltreatment, along with MDT scholarships for training. Additionally, funds will be used for operations expenses associated with this grant, along with salaries and fringe of office staff.



On June 29, 2015 ACCARDV received official notification from ADH that our

2014-16 Preventive Health Block Grant had been approved in the amount of $65,198. Funds will be used for a portion of the Rape Prevention Project Coordinator’s salary and fringe along with supporting rape prevention and education program activities such as: conference requests by programs, in-state trainings, sexual assault nurse examiner trainings, purchase of curricula along with the purchase of sexual assault evidence collection kits for the State Crime Lab.

Entertained any questions that followed.  

  • Other Business

Next quarterly commission meeting is Wednesday, January 20th, 2016.

Meeting adjourned: 2:55 p.m.